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HTC Touch Pro 2 Review

24 August 2009

The HTC Touch Pro is a high-end “smart phone” that is part of the line of Internet enabled Windows smart phones designed by High Tech Computer (HTC) Corporation of Taiwan.

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Palm Pre Review

4 August 2009

If you were one of those early adopters of the iPhone, then hey: look at this Palm Pre.

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HTC Magic G2

8 July 2009

In the ever-changing world of cell phones and smart phones, the HTC Magic G2 Android is one of the most interesting new products on the market. It is specifically designed to bring all the features Google offers on the web to the mobile user. With a sleek white casing and intuitive 3.2 inch touch screen, […]

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Google’s G1 Android

29 May 2009

In an effort to compete with the iPhone and enter the smart phone market, Google released its first phone, the G1, in the fall of 2008. It was ultimately designed for use with the T-Mobile cell phone service and has been offered exclusively by this provider. T-Mobile offers access to a 3G high-speed network and […]

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Slingbox on your Iphone

27 May 2009

It used to be that television was something you watched from the comfort of your living room. As of early 2009, though, thanks to Slingbox, which is produced by Echostar’s Sling Media division, users can watch television from anywhere they have an internet connection. This is particularly attractive to iPhone owners, who can get a […]

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Blackberry Onyx

25 May 2009

The Blackberry Onyx is the newest member of the Blackberry family, manufactured by Research in Motion Ltd., and is due to be released sometime in the near future. Until recently, though, details about the new smart phone were virtually impossible to obtain. Now, though, a few people have managed to get their hands on some […]

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