Asus N10 – The Gaming Netbook

July 6, 2009

The Asus N10 netbook has been described as a “gaming netbook.” In other words, it is a small, portable computer with the ability to handle electronic games that are beyond the capabilities of other netbooks on the market. Essentially, the Asus N10 stands on the border between laptop and netbook, with more power than the average netbook but all the great portability features these small computers have to offer.

Asus N10 netbook The Asus N10 is actually produced by the company’s laptop division, rather than its netbook department, which designs the Eee series of Asus netbooks. This model is somewhat larger than other netbooks. It has a 10.2” display with 1024 x 768 resolution and glossy coating. Still, the netbook weighs less than two pounds. The Asus N10 uses an Intel Atom N270 processor, which is what places it into the netbook category rather than designating the Asus N10 as simply a small laptop.

Dedicated graphics card makes Asus N10 a gaming netbook

One feature that sets the Asus N10 apart from other netbooks is its dedicated graphics card. Most net-books operate with only a basic Intel 945 integrated graphics chip. However, the Asus N10 also has an nVidia GeForce 9300M graphics chipset. To save power, the user can switch between the Intel and nVidia options with the flick of a switch. With the nVidia chipset enabled, the Asus N10 can play 3-D games that elude most net books. To further enhance a gamer’s experience, this net-book comes with up to 2G of DDR2 memory. It also has a SATA hard disk drive with the option of up to 320 GB of space.

Asus n10

Asus N10 comes with Windows Vista

With regards to some other features, the Asus N10 has some interesting capabilities. While most netbooks come with Windows XP Home, the Asus N10 has the option of operating on Windows Vista as well. Additionally, the Asus N10 comes with an optional built-in webcam and 1.3 megapixel camera. The netbook also has Bluetooth functionality and, of course, built-in wireless connectivity. Plus, the model comes with an external optical drive and, with the top model, a DVD player / burner. Finally, its six cell battery has quite the variable lifespan depending on what types of operations the Asus N10 is performing.

A pricey netbook that’s guaranteed to perform

Ultimately, the Asus N10 has a price tag ranging between $700 and $1,000 depending on the features selected. This is a little high for the average netbook, but, as you can see, the Asus N10 is not quite the typical netbook model.

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