MSI Wind Review

September 15, 2009

The MSI Wind is the perfect little netbook computer.  Not a notebook or a laptop or a palmtop but a netbook.  What is a netbook?  It’s kind of like the style of computer that is actually portable as opposed to just movable. There may be some people out there who use laptops as portable computers but not many.

A laptop generally has no battery life.  Sure, maybe in the beginning you might run it unplugged for a few minutes and think, “Gee this is OK,” but soon the batteries begin to shorten their life span and if you get an entire hour at a time you think that’s just great.  And then there are all the peripherals. The laptop heat dispersal units, the PC-MIA card the portable hard drive, WiFi adapter… It’s just gotten to be a little excessive.

You can drop your MSI Wind without it breaking!

msi wind The MSI Wind on the other hand is a nice new netbook which built more like a unified piece than the rickety old laptops.  They feel strong and you can even drop them without destroying them (But please don’t try to test this theory. Just sayin’.). It’s kind of like an old wireless phone compared to a new cellular phone in that the manufacturing process has come a long way. 

Tech Specs of the MSI Wind

And you’re not stuck with some tiny useless hard drive.  The drive in the MSI Wind can be up to 160 gigs.  It’s got WiFi built in and it even comes with a video out so you can plug it into an extra monitor.  It’s faster than most notebooks out there. It comes with a 1.6 GHz Atom processor and 1 gig of ram. (Strangely, you can add another gig of RAM on your own but it will void the warranty.)

MSI Wind are powerful and insanely portable

It easily runs all the same programs any laptop could, including MS Office and even Adobe Photoshop.  It’s insanely portable.  You can set it on the outstretched fingers of one hand and watch your favourite video while you’re walking around.  All you have to do is flip the top up and you could use is in a bathroom stall or standing up in a subway.

Let the Wind release you to portable productivity!

msi wind review If you’re one of those people who always wanted a laptop because of the freedom it promised, well your day has finally come with the netbook form factor. The MSI Wind is one of the highest rated examples of a netbook, and it’s less than 400 bucks for the one with the 6 cell battery (which is a must).  The only thing you could possibly miss is a CD/DVD drive, but really, who uses those anymore?

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