Review of the truly excellent TechAir 3511 Messenger Bag

October 5, 2009

techair-bagI don’t know whether you ever get this feeling but there really does seem to be too many products that label themselves as something but on owning it, you think that in actual fact it really does not deserve that title.

The TechAir 3511 is a protective, secure and well-built netbook messenger bag. It is probably the best bag I have used for carrying my laptop, and it quite rightly deserves that title.

More than that, I think that this TechAir bag has been built with the right intentions, even including lifetime warranty. On a laptop bag, a lifetime warranty is quite the rarity and only present on the best quality goods – a very reassuring facet indeed!  So, here’s the review…

3511 Netbook Messenger Bag Exterior

On the surface, the TechAir 3511 bag looks relatively understated with a plane grey-green and orange rounded corners made from toughened ripstop nylon. It’s a relatively stiff sort of nylon and immediately feels that is would be very protective of your netbook. I’m yet to test it in torrential rain but poured a glass of water over the sleeve to give it a quick test and the water ran right off. This proves water repellence but not survival of especially heavy rains – always at the top of your mind when in the UK!

Storage Compartments

techair-inside-bagInside the TechAir notebook messenger bag there is plenty of storage available without being too bulky.

There’s the main protective laptop sleeve with a Velcro strap to keep your netbook in place, whilst other compartments provide ample space for a folder, pad of paper and a few netbook accessories (maybe a spare mouse, DVD drive or external hard drive).

The bag also has smaller pockets, handy for the odd item of stationary, ipod and mobile phone – I guess these bits you’d be more surprised if they weren’t included.

One of the suprising aspects of the Tech Air netbook bag is that it’s rigid pockets / netbook sleeve really help to organise the content. The rigidity of a bag hasn’t been something that I have thought about before but very pleased with this surprisingly helpful facet of what is essentially a protective feature.

So what makes the TechAir bag technology so special?

TechAir bags have a unique technology designed to protect the owner’s bag from impact damage. This is not just a hardened shield to your laptop but rather an inflated protective barrier that absorbs the shock rather trying to deflect it. The benefit here is that neither the immediate impact nor the subsequent shock the netbook will receive.
The most vulnerable places on a laptop are the outer edges are it looks like the TechAir netbook messenger bag has got this area nailed. Right around the outer edge there are

SO, dropping your bag is now OK! [To avoid law suits, please disregard that advice!!]

Track you lost TechAir bag with i-TRAK

Selected tech air bags include i-TRAK™, a unique world-wide tracking system. i-TRAK™ codes make your bag and your laptop totally unique and identifiable. Should you lose or forget them, i-TRAK™ enhances the chances of a speedy recovery. Registering your bag and laptop takes two minutes and I think that time well spent.

Your i-TRAK™ subscriptions are free with this netbook bag for the first year and are renewable at just £2.99 for each subsequent. As it looks like this bag can endure plenty more than a year’s worth of life being thrown at it, it’s likely that the £2.99 investment in protecting your bag and its contents is well worth it!


My default laptop bag, a Dakine laptop bag, is no longer my default bag of choice. The sophistication and range of features of the Tech Air 3511 netbook bag is certainly where my allegiance now lies. I can’t see how another netbook bag could hope to compete on this sort of quality without simply copying the features. Comparing it to the recently reviewed Cool Bananas Bullet Proof case, it’s obviously trying to serve quite a different market as each serves a different purpose. My advice: if you’re looking for a netbook bag that is lightweight, but highly secure and protective with the perfect surplus space for a pad of paper and a external DVD drive and even a few other bits and bobs, then the Tech Air 3511 is the one for you.

TechAir Messenger Bag 3511 Product Specification

To fit laptops up to (inches): 13.3 Number of compartments: 1 Tech air ® Protection Technology: Lifetime Warranty: Active Sleeve™: Skinn™: i-TRAK™ (months): 12

Material: Constructed from mini ripstop Colour: Green/Orange Laptop Compartment Size (cm): 31.5 x 25 x 4 External Size cm: 36.4 x 30 x 10.5

  • Weight: 1kg
  • Adjustable strap
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Speed adjuster strap
  • Trolley strap
  • Accessories panel
  • Other pockets: 2
  • Document friendly sections
  • Mobile phone pocket
  • CD/MP3 player pocket
  • Cable friendly
  • Removable Cable tidy pouch
  • Printer/Projector Compatible
  • Clothing Space
  • M-port™
  • Telescopic handle
  • 2-in-1 use
  • Expandibility
  • Shower proof

TechAir® Protection Technology

As the name suggests, TechAir® works with air technology. Simply put, your laptop is cushioned against bangs and drops by providing pressured-air resistance on impact.


Foam based protection provides poor redistribution of the impact and its quality deteriorates. With TechAir technology the shock is distributed away from the point of impact.

TechAir i-TRAK™

Your new tech air bag includes i-TRAK, a unique world-wide tracking system.i-TRAK™ codes make your bag and your laptop totally unique and identifiable. Should you lose or forget them, i-TRAK enhances the chances of a speedy recovery. Register your bag and laptop to activate your i-TRAK security codes and get extra peace of mind! i-TRAK subscriptions are renewable.


All Series 1-5 bags come with a hassle free lifetime warranty. Read more about TechAir on their website.

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