Review of the Zuca Pro

August 24, 2012

If you travel a lot, you’re probably looking for a travel bag that can hold a lot of things, but is still small and lightweight enough to fit into the overhead compartments on airplanes.  The Zuca Pro is a relatively new travel bag that not only can hold a lot of items, but also has other great features as well.   This review will answer several questions, such as whether the Zuca Pro is a good bag for overnight business travelers,  how well it  works with suits, the most efficient way to use the pouches and side pockets for business trips, whether  it complies with EU restrictions for carryon baggage for flights, what size laptop can fit into the side pocket, how badly it fishtails on rough terrain, how smoothly it rides overall, whether the toiletries pouch is large enough to fit all toiletries in, and how comfortable it is  to use as a seat.

Is the Zuca Pro a good choice for business travelers?

It depends on how much you plan to take on your overnight business trip – if you tend to pack a lot of stuff for one night, then yes, the Zuca Pro might be a good choice – otherwise you should probably look into a smaller overnight bag.

Can suits be packed in the Zuca Pro?

Unfortunately suits do not travel well in the Zuca Pro, so you may want to pack your suit in a separate suit bag.

What is the best way to use the pouches and side pockets for business trips?

The pouches could be used for clothes and toiletries, the side pockets for items that you’ll want easy access to, such as magazines, your Ipad, notepad and other items.

Does the Zuca Pro comply with the EU’s restrictions on carry-on luggage on flights?

The Zuca Pro measures 19” x 13” x 10”, so it does comply with the EU’s restrictions on carry-on baggage size.  It will fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial aircraft, however some airlines do have restrictions on carry-on size and weight depending on what class you’re flying in, so you’ll want to check with the airline to make sure the Zuca Pro will fit in the overhead compartment.

What size laptop can you fit into the side pocket of the Zuca Pro?

A 12-inch laptop can fit in the side pocket of the Zuca Pro, however it is a tight squeeze, and there isn’t room for a protective sleeve, so the laptop would be exposed while it’s in the side pouch.  If that’s a concern for you, you can easily stack your laptop bag on top of the Zuca Pro. How badly does the Zuca Pro fishtail on rough terrain and curbs?
Many users have found that the Zuca Pro does fishtail a little bit on rough terrain since it’s longer than it is wide when it’s being pulled, however it is still great for walking with heavy loads.

How smoothly does the Zuca Pro ride over all?

Except for fishtailing on rough terrain, it rides very smoothly overall.

Is the toiletries pouch large enough to fit all cosmetic items?

Yes – however remember if you’re traveling by plane, only bring the 3 ounce sample sizes of cosmetic items.

How comfortable is the Zuca Pro to use as a seat?

It’s not as comfortable as sitting on a sofa, however the Zuca Pro is comfortable enough to use as a seat while you’re waiting on a plane and can’t find a seat in the airport.

Overall, the Zuca Pro is an excellent bag for business people who do a lot of travelling.  The price tag may seem a little steep, but road warriors will definitely get their money’s worth out of this bag.

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