Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller Review

August 10, 2009

Today, we will be reviewing Pestbye’s new and advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller that is now on the market to see if it is worth its price. Pestbye’s new Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller is about the size of your average mobile phone and boasts that it is capable of chasing away both dogs and cats.

When we received the product for review, we decided to look into this in detail and see if there was any truth to Pestbye’s claim that their Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller could in fact get a dog or a cat to turn tail and run away faster that you could yell “Help!’ After having watched a similar product in action on YouTube, and trying it out for ourselves, we give Pestbye’s new dog repeller the thumbs up. Here is a review of Pestbye’s new dog repeller for our readers below.

Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller Examples

The Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller works by chasing away dogs and cats by the shrill and piercing sound (125 db) that it emanates. Fortunately, this sound is only audible to animals, so while the Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller might send the neighbour’s rowdy dog running at the speed of light toward its kennel, or send that cat that’s always eyeing your leftovers up one of the highest trees in the neighbourhood, it does not affect your ears in any way whatsoever.

The Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller is already a huge hit with postmen and meter readers everywhere. Other sections of the public, who might find the repeller useful includes joggers and the elderly.

The Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller Does Not Hurt Animals

We feel that one of the best features of the advanced portable sonic dog repeller is that it is completely safe and humane. It does not cause the animal involved or you any bodily harm. It also comes with a belt clip, so that you do not lose your hold on the repeller when confronted with a dog or cat that you do not like – or more specifically does not like you.

Money Back Guarantee

Advanced Portable Sonic Dog RepellerFinally, the reason why we recommend the Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller from Primrose London, is not only because it is good value for money, but also because its effectiveness is guaranteed or else it’s money back within thirty days from the date of purchase!

If you have a smaller variety of pet, like a Chihuahua, that is in fear for its life every time it is taken for a walk in the park, because the bigger dogs are constantly intimidating or attacking it using their size to their advantage, then the Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller is the perfect way for your pet and you to have a relaxing walk in the park without being in constant fear for life and limb. All you need to do, if you spot a seemingly ferocious dog approaching, is use Pestbye’s sonic repeller to chase them away.

→ Click here to buy the Advanced Portable Sonic Dog Repeller at Primrose London today for £14.95.

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Jorge Isidoro August 6, 2010 at 10:29 am

Is it posible buy this Sonic Dog Repeller in Portugal?
Thanks in advance

a)Jorge Isidoro

ainaq halim August 24, 2010 at 5:20 am

I am from Malaysia
a. I would like to know how can I repell dog from praying on chicken in the farm
Iam am experimenting on intergeration of chicken in orchard

b. some dog roam around the farm……….can be hostile

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