I-gotU GT-200e Review – Bluetooth GPS Travel and Sports Logger

November 30, 2009

GT-200e-gpsWe were recently sent the i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Travel and Sports Logger GT-200e and asked to review it. We immediately set out to find out what made this GPS Travel and Sports Logger different from all the other similar offerings on the market. Needless to say, we were so impressed by the product that we decided to tell you all about it.

The i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Travel and Sports Logger for Travel Bloggers

The i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Travel and Sports Logger is every travel blogger’s dream come true and fits into the palm of your hand. This small but super efficient device is something that you can carry with you wherever you travel; it can be dropped into your handbag or slipped into your pocket.

The GT-200e is a GPS travel and sports logger that allows you to organise photos according to location, plan your trip with Google Maps and post live on your travel blog as you travel. The device functions via Bluetooth technology and is equipped with excellent software that supports Google Earth 3D effect and will help you analyze your exercises and plan your travel schedule.

What’s more is that you do not have to worry about the GPS Logger falling into water – as it is water resistant and sturdy, despite its small size. You can take the i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Travel and Sports Logger everywhere you go, whether its white water rafting, skiing or trekking through the Amazon rain forest.

GT-200e  GT-200e-gps-device

How the GPS Travel Logger Works

For those of you wondering how to use the i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Travel Logger, here is what you need to do. You will first need to set your camera time and date and then power on the GPS Travel Logger outdoors. You will then have to locate your current position with the help of the device’s auto-positioning facility. After this, your work is done and all you need to do is remember to take the GPS Travel Logger with you when you take photos.

What Can the i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Travel Logger Do for You?

If you are planning on taking a vacation or a road trip with your family and friends, the GPS Logger can be your guide and organizer. Check out its impressive list of features below to see what the Logger can do for you.

  • It automatically maps your travel photos with GPS location information
  • It organizes and presents your journey on three dimensional Google Map and Google Earth
  • It is compatible with all digital cameras and camera phones
  • The software has a simple user interface
  • It can export files in multiple formats and supports popular web albums
  • It can help you create and share your live Travel Blog with all your friends and followers
  • It allows for multiple ways of attachment
  • It is suitable for outdoor use
  • It has a water-resistant hardware design and is suitable for rainy days, skiing, water sports
  • It is compatible with 3rd party GPS navigation software
  • It serves as a Bluetooth GPS receiver

To see more pictures of the igotU Bluetooth GPS Travel and Sports Logger and understand how it works visit Mobile Action’s page on this device here.

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