Voiis Stereo Review – Bluetooth HiFi Connection

September 9, 2009

Today, we have the Voiis Stereo, an innovative little wireless music gateway, up for review. This device has taken music to the next level as it allows users to stream all their downloaded tunes to their home stereo and play them via Bluetooth.

Voiis Stereo Since most people tend to download their music off the internet and store it on their iPods, phones, iPhones and laptops, a wireless music gateway like the Voiis Stereo is guaranteed to score high on the popularity charts and have people lining up to buy it. The Voiis Stereo also eliminates the need for extra speakers for your iPod/ laptop/PC or a special stereo for your iPhone, saving on costs. To see the specs of the device, visit Mobile Action.

The Voiis Stereo aids music lovers in accessing all their favourite tunes stored on their iPods phones or computers from their home stereo systems via Bluetooth. Once you have streamed the music to your stereo with the help of Bluetooth, you can turn up the volume on your stereo set and enjoy a playback of all your music.

And if this alone is not enough of a reason for you to run out any buy it, we found that the Voiis Stereo can also be used to stream the audio from movies and videos on your Television and DVD player to Bluetooth stereo headsets! This means that you can watch all the movies and late night TV videos that you want, without waking up all those asleep in the house.

Why You Need the Voiis Stereo Wireless Music Gateway

If your wish list includes a music solution that bridges the gap between your iPhone and your home stereo, which you had begun to feel was not being put to use, then you need the Voiis Stereo Wireless Music Gateway. Here is a look at its excellent features.

  • Voiis Stereo 2Provides your home stereo system with wireless connectivity
  • Provides a range of extended usage up to 100 meters for Bluetooth Class 1 when connected to Class 1 devices
  • Wirelessly streams songs from your mobile phone or PC to your home stereo system
  • Wirelessly streams the audio from the Television and CD player to Bluetooth stereo headset
  • Fast one-button pairing and easy switch between music transmission and reception
  • The Voiis Stereo can also be used with the iPhone 3G (OS3.0/above) and the iPhone 3GS
  • Works with Mac computers that are OSX 10.5 and above
  • Connects automatically to the last connected device

Party On With the Voiis Stereo Wireless Music Gateway

If you are suddenly in the mood for a party or want to listen to your favourite song on your home stereo, then you need the Voiis Stereo. This is the ideal solution for music lovers who have wished to have all their songs under one roof at a touch of a button.

Voiis Stereo in Box

Having a tall stack of CDs that reach your ceiling is no longer fashionable or practical. And, if you have ever tried to throw an impromptu party for your friends using just your home stereo system and your CD collection, then you will know first hand that it is also a frustrating and extremely difficult task to manage. Changing the CDs and picking just the right songs to create the atmosphere and mood that you want, and playing all those special requests from your party guests, requires a lot of work and at least two extra pairs of hands. And at the end of the day, the person managing the music does not end up having a lot of fun.

In addition to being useful for listening to music on your HiFi, the Voiis stereo is great for listening to concerts through your HiFi or even watching movies late at nights without disturbing others who are sleeping. It’s the flexibility that this product brings that we are excited about…

At less than $100, the Voiis Stereo wireless music gateway is the solution to all these problems, as it allows users to access all their downloaded tunes from their home stereo on a wireless Bluetooth connection.

→ Click here to find out more the Voiis Stereo at Mobile Action

→ Click here to view the Voiis Stereo connected to an Iphone in action on YouTube.

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