Keeping an eye on your business when out of the office

January 24, 2013

Running your own business can mean that there are a hundred reasons you will be kept out of the office when you would rather be keeping your eyes on things.  Meeting clients, suppliers and working away from the office will often be a large part of your week – so how can you keep your eye on expenditure, income and all other aspects of your business whilst away?

Apps and online software

Thankfully Intuit, who created the Quickbooks accounting online software, has produced an accounting app for the iPhone which allows you 24 hour access to your business accounts. The free business app is standalone software meaning that you don’t need to purchase any other software to use it.

If you are on the train, in a taxi or between meetings you will have access to your important business accounts via your iPhone with this handy app. Most places you are likely to find yourself in will have either a good enough network to access the internet or an available Wi-Fi connection to allow remote connections.

In fact, everywhere from restaurants, cafes and even town centres now have Wi-Fi services for the public to use, so your chances of being caught without adequate means to access the service are increasingly slim.

Intuit’s MyBizTracker

Another helpful app from Intuit, called MyBizTracker , is a simple finance  tool which allows you to record any receipts for business expenses such as travel, food or accommodation on your iPhone whilst out and about. It is secure and meets the HMRC guidelines so you can be assured that it will be reliable and effective wherever you are.

It will also save you time from sifting through the mountains of receipts you might have accumulated on your travels upon returning to the office; something which will undoubtedly be a great relief.

Why use apps?

As one of the biggest developments in the world of technology, the importance of smartphones cannot be overlooked. User numbers are continuing to increase with smartphone penetration already registering at over 50% in the UK in April this year.

Emailing, texting, and phoning are all staples of the smartphone experience but people are increasingly employing the use of apps or software on their smartphones to carry out all sorts of tasks. This covers everything from word processing and translation services to marketing and bookkeeping.

Essentially, apps allow users to complete various functions in a more time efficient and streamlined manner. This naturally has various benefits for businesses, giving your more time to invest elsewhere whilst ensuring important business operations, such as the control of finances, are kept updated and secure at all times.

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