Ultra Glass Screen Cover for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

April 23, 2012

Owing to their cost and value, Apple iPhones are almost like investments. As you have spent a considerable amount on your latest smartphone, you should take the additional step and protect its screen from damage. As iPhones are delicate, the costs of damage could be very high. One easy way to protect your iPhone 4 or 4S is to use a mobile phone screen protector. Unless you are prepared to guard your iPhone from sharp objects and potential dangers throughout the day, investing in a quality screen protector is a wise choice.

To stay protected from scratches and marks, touch screens are generally designed out of tempered glass. Apple iPhones in particular use an aircraft-grade material called Gorilla Glass. Although your iPhone may be equipped with extra-tough glass, it is a good idea to protect the screen from oil smears and fingerprints.

Display protectors for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are manufactured by certain companies only. If you are looking for quality screen protectors for your iPhone or any other smartphone, consider the UltraGlass cover from MobileFun as they are strong and durable.

Opt for quality screen protectors that are designed specifically for Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. To protect your iPhone, it is wise to look for protectors that cover the screen completely and can be applied easily, leaving no room for air bubbles. High quality screen covers are thin, strong and completely transparent. Using quality adhesives, screen protectors do not smudge your iPhone screen. A solid screen protector will guard your iPhone touch screen from external dust, dirt, marks, scratches, oil smears and fingerprints.

A significant advantage of using screen protectors is their low maintenance. Quality screen covers for iPhones require minimum cleaning. Due to constant use of the touch screen, your iPhone screen may start appearing smudged. Using sterilizing fluids to clean iPhone screens will not only render the warranty void but also damage the screen. Screen protectors do not require extensive cleaning and can be disinfected with anti-bacterial wipes or germicide aerosols. A well fitting screen guard will not be affected by cleaning agents and continue to protect the screen without voiding the warranty.

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