What exactly is Safe Software Escrow?

February 28, 2013

Software escrow is a broad term used to define a service where users are granted access to a source code of a business through licensed software applications designed and maintained by you and escrow associates.

In addition with purchasing software escrow, escrow associates also offers it clients, technical verification services that work as indications that your software in escrow is fully functional. Escrow Associates offers a wide array of escrow services, each catered to their users own preferences.

Some of the escrow services include SaaS escrow, domain name escrow, deposit evaluation escrow, hardware escrow, active escrow, and even lender escrow.

Technology escrow

The technology escrow application was designed to protect each user and intellectual property owner’s interest in the items they are seeking to escrow. Strict terms and agreements will be established at the time of the escrow opening.

Technology escrow services are available to businesses that seek to make critical information available while protecting itself from the threat of confidential items being physically lost.

Many companies who outsource work use multiple facets of software escrow to safely distribute and make available the items needed to conduct business efficiently and successfully.

Before a technology escrow is agreed upon, potential users will meet with Escrow Associates representative to ensure specific company needs that must be met in order to successfully be able to utilize the actual escrow itself.

Time to Think Of M&A Escrow

If you are in the process of creating a technology escrow for business purposes, then you should also consider M&A escrow or secure due diligence when deciding to purchase or come to terms with selling your business.

There is a lot of confidential information that must be made available during a merger and acquisition, and escrow associates offers you the alternatives and options to making this information available without risk of intellectual property theft or any sort of breach of documents or technology.

With secure due diligence, each party that is disclosing information will be able to rest assured that nobody who doesn’t have authority will be able to access, sell technology, or manipulate any of the documents, recipes or items located within the escrow.

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