What’s available with Virgin mobile phones?

February 28, 2013

Virgin Mobile has been providing some of the most competitive and innovative mobile phone deals since 1999 and has remained amongst the most popular and successful mobile network provider ever since.

But what exactly does Virgin Mobile have to offer someone looking for a network provider now?

Fixed contract

The majority of deals on offer these days revolve around a fixed contract at a monthly price. In this capacity there are many different Virgin mobile phone deals; available each tailored to suit slightly different needs and requirements.

Prices start from as little as £7.50 a month and the fixed contracts vary from being either 12 or 24 month in length. There are four choices of tariffs which benefit the lighter mobile phone user who will make just a few calls in comparison to the heavier user who will be using their phone for surfing the internet and sending plenty of text messages. There is a huge range of phones to choose from as well; from Nokia to HTC and Samsung, all the newest and most exciting phones are available.

Sim free

Monthly billing however does not suit the needs of everyone. For those who have a handset and have no desire to upgrade a sim free deal might well be worth looking into. The Virgin sim card is free and only a few internet clicks away, all you need is your existing phone unlocked.

Pay as you go also offers a more flexible and perhaps affordable way of having a mobile phone with no danger of running up a large bill. Again, depending on how you use your mobile phone will determine the tariff you need. The sim free deals site page of the Virgin Mobile website can help you see if this is right for you.

Big Talk

The Big Talk tariff is geared towards people who predominantly use their phone for making calls – every month you top-up your account you will get unlimited UK landline calls and 120 UK mobile minutes in addition to what you have topped up. If you top up £15 you will get all of that plus unlimited texts.

Big Data and Texts

The Big Data and Texts tariff is geared towards people who use their phone more for surfing the internet, downloading apps and sending text messages as opposed to just making calls. If you top up just £10 in one month you will get 300 free texts as well as an unlimited data allowance for using mobile internet. Topping up with £15 means that you get all of that but the 300 free texts becomes unlimited free texts.

So regardless of how much you plan to use your mobile or the budget you have available, Virgin Mobile phones will have a tariff that will suit your needs. If you are unsure exactly what your needs might be or how they might change, simply get in touch with the customer services and talk it through with them to ensure that you get the best and most suitable deal available.

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