5 Reasons Why a Tablet Is Probably Better Than A Kindle (For Most Tasks)

May 20, 2011

A Tablet PC is basically a personal computer imbibing the best definition of “portable”. Ideally, a tablet PC does not have a keyboard, a mouse, a bulky battery and a dozen cable wires. Everything is virtual, and yes, spot-on portable.

A tablet PC can be useful in almost all aspects of lifestyle: personal, business, academics and recreation. On the other hand, a Kindle is a more specific kind of gadget. It is an e-book reader that views most reading materials, such as e-books, magazines, journals, online documents and other form of digital media. Basically, it makes a good and reasonable replacement for expensive and bulky paper-based books. For this reason a Kindle is your best partner for academic purposes. It sounds like both the Tablet PC and Kindle are amazing innovations that aim to simplify the complex needs of the average user, but there are still good reasons why a Tablet is generally better than a Kindle. Here are five main reasons why:


A Kindle exists to allow you to read e-books and other similar media, but a Tablet can do much more. By browsing the web through your Tablet, you can shop for more e-books online, which means more interesting material for you to read, Compared to a Kindle, a Tablet PC has so much to offer, making it a very versatile tool for the average user.

Unlimited Entertainment

Reading is indeed one form of entertainment that a Kindle can effectively provide, at least as far as technology is concerned. But still, a Tablet still scores a point for this criterion, because it allows you to read e-books, too. There are many free applications out there that will allow you to read e-books with a Tablet. Additionally, you get to watch videos, listen to music, and play games if you get bored from reading books.


More vendors sell Tablet PCs–this is an undeniable fact. Another good thing is that many manufacturers follow suit after the first Tablet PC was sold to the public. This means that there are a lot of Tablet models and versions to choose from, depending on your preference. Kindles are not as common, although they are generally not that hard to find.


A Tablet is a lot more convenient than a Kindle. If there is anything you need, consulting a handy Tablet PC will do wonders. Booking the next flight, sending an important e-mail, and taking emergency calls will not be problems with a Tablet because all versions are capable of connecting to the internet. Not all Kindles are Wi-Fi-ready, which means that you still need an internet-ready device to search the Web.


Owning a Tablet is much more practical, owing to the fact that it has a multitude of features compared to a Kindle. A Tablet is technically a small bundle of everything, encompassing personal, academic and business needs, whereas a Kindle only boasts of limited features, although it is a highly specialized device. Getting a Tablet or a Kindle, of course, ultimately rests on your personal decision. With a Tablet, however, you will never go wrong as everything can be accessed in just a swipe of a finger.

There is one thing that the Kindle does far better than a Tablet – that is reading! Reading on a Kindle is a joy and until tablets include an e-ink screen..Kindle will still beat a tablet hands down. So if you only want to read then i would stick to a Kindle.

Danny writes for Android Tablets Fanatic, is currently obsessed with his Sony android tablet and can’t stop watching BBC iPlayer!

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Sarah July 29, 2011 at 11:32 pm

You do realize that Kindle comes with free 3g wifi while all other tablets charge u monthly fees for it, right?!…So yeah if the only reason why tablets are better is because kindle doesnt come with wifi (which is a false fact since it indeed does), then yes I will be going with a kindle instead of a tablet pc which is pretty much over-priced. If I wanted a device to do everything a computer does, with the same price as a laptop but does actually less than a laptop then I would just go and buy a laptop, not a tablet.

Debbie October 17, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Thank you for the information. I am not very tech savy, and wondered what all the fuss about these “tablets” I purchased a Nook, and love it, but like you said, its just for reading. Thanks again!!

Tim July 21, 2012 at 10:03 pm

I’m looking at either buying a tablet or nook or Ipad for my wife. It would be used mainly for reading and she wants to sync it to her calendar. Also for email. Which device would work the best?

chloe January 12, 2013 at 1:02 pm

but can you read books on a tablet?????

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